A new tech solution, Ojimah, is coming soon. ‘We believe that by educating the community about our continent we can overturn some of its negative clichés and use them to our advantage’.

Ojimah coming soon

Many people have never visited Africa and may never even consider visiting the continent. Yet there is a particular image of Africa in their minds. At the end of 2020, an international public service broadcaster, attributed Africa’s success in curbing the spread of the notorious coronavirus on the continent to “poverty”. The story was headlined “Coronavirus in Africa”.

This is a vivid example of negative stories the media tends to publish about Africa. At Ojimah, we believe that by educating the community about our continent we can overturn some of its negative clichés and use them to our advantage.

Without a doubt Africa needs to actively rebrand itself. Through Ojimah, we want to be part of rebranding Africa as a global touristic destination by sharing stories and genuine experiences of travelers throughout the continent. We believe that by offering ordinary people a tribune to share their everyday experiences, Ojimah will be capturing positive human moments. These moments of joy, play, celebration, love and human interaction, will help create new narratives of Africa and hopefully, start changing people’s perception of the continent. To every negative comment about Africa, Ojimah will respond with a thousand stories of success to help changing the continent’s image.

Every year, billions of tourists rely on technology that has not kept up with the expectations of the modern connected traveller. That is why we have built Ojimah, a One-Stop Travel Tech Solution that make travel effortless for today’s travellers. We are a multichannel platform aimed at opening the African travel market both to the world and to its regional tourists by providing a user-centric interface with access to airline tickets, hotel bookings, rent a car, visa services, online currency exchange and tailor-made experiences. 

Ojimah a one stop travel shop

We pride ourselves in having a powerful group of young travel disrupters – each skilled and enthusiastic in their particular field of expertise: innovative engineers, marketing and social media experts, customer centric professionals, operational talents and instinct-driven creatives.

We are committed to respecting the rights, history, and culture of locals while ensuring that tourism supports their well-being. You will learn from native experts on where to stay, what to do and see, as well as the best safety and travel tips to prepare you on your journey to explore Africa. If you do not want to explore Africa as a mere tourist, but rather experience real life while giving back to society – Ojimah is your company of excellence.

We know this is only the beginning of our journey, but we are here to create a long-lasting relationship based on trust and transparency. We want to give our contribution in developing the continent by finding innovative ways to solve African issues.

Join our community by helping Ojimah give Africa a voice on the global arena.