If you were to ask a collection of past travelers what their preferred route was and where they travelled to on their vacation to South Africa, you are bound to get a list as varied as the number of people you ask. This is due to the diversity in attractions and possible routes available, all depending on what interests you, your travel budget and how you prefer to travel… whether by car or 4×4.

From the big five national parks, including the Kruger National Park and the Pilanesberg Game Reserve to name just two, to the picturesque landscapes and beautiful coastal regions of the Garden Route, Wild Coast and KwaZulu-Natal as you travel up the countries east coast from Cape Town, South Africa is a haven for the outdoor nature lover. It is a destination renowned for its warm hospitality and diverse culture, offering travelers the chance to experience world class African cities such as Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban – all connected by small farming villages and rural communities which you are guaranteed to fall in love with.

As an established travel destination, South Africa is a hub for the budget conscious and adventure traveler looking to explore the country on a shoe-string budget, one big adventure at a time. Camping and self-catered accommodation is an important part of the travel culture for local South African’s, which means the country is covered from top to bottom with an endless number of secluded camp sites and beautifully self-contained homes waiting to be discovered.

But what about car rental? With rugged dirt tracks and tricky mountain passes throughout the country, most visitors are keen on hiring a 4×4 which can tackle the South African road conditions with ease. For those keen on getting in touch with nature while camping out under the African sky, hiring all the camping gear is also a necessity. But where do you find a highly capable 4×4, equipped with all the camping essentials that is ideal for the adventure seeker not keen on breaking the budget on a large camper or large decked-out 4×4?

Cue Tread Lite 4×4 hire!

Tread Lite 4×4 hire is a new 4×4 rental company (established late 2018) with its foundation firmly rooted in minimalistic, low impact travel for the conscious traveler. Their fleet of vehicles consists almost exclusively of the small, lightweight Suzuki Jimny. With a cult-like following the world over, the Suzuki Jimny is renowned for its off-road capabilities and adventurous spirit. Owing to their compact nature and small engine, they are lighter on fuel and produce less CO2 emissions than the larger, heavier 4×4’s. With a short wheel base, they are a breeze to maneuver through the cities but will happily clamber over just about any mountain pass or 4×4 trail that you throw in front of it.

With a minimalistic approach to travel, the Tread Lite 4×4 hire vehicles are equipped with everything you need and nothing you don’t. When planning a camping adventure, we often get caught up in the fancy gadgets available and end up with more equipment than we will ever need. With less packing space inside and on top of the vehicle the Tread Lite team have taken a close look at the gear included in their vehicles to ensure they are packed with only the essentials and nothing more. A minimalistic mindset to travel means a freer journey, allowing you to truly appreciate and enjoy the journey wherever you choose to travel.

Beyond just car rental, Tread Lite 4×4 hire believes in the power of travel to affect positive change on the traveller. By exposing you to foreign cultures, travel broadens your horizons, giving you a greater respect and understanding of humanity. Immersing yourself in the natural heritage of a distant country allows you to connect with your inner being, rejuvenating your soul and giving you a greater appreciation for the world we live in. Our goal is to give you the perfect vehicle with which to achieve this goal, leaving South Africa with a collection of memories you’ll cherish forever.

Is Tread Lite 4×4 hire and their collection of Suzuki Jimny’s right for you? If you like bulky vehicles and enjoy travelling with everything including the kitchen sink, then perhaps not. But if you a responsible, conscious traveller who prefers a more minimalistic and lighter approach to your travel adventures, you will enjoy every moment in one of their equipped Suzuki Jimny’s rentals.