Attitude Hotels calls for a collective movement and commitment for a tourism that leaves a positive footprint on Mauritius.

Attitude HotelsInvited tourism industry and media were able to experience firsthand the incredible commitment made by Attitude Hotels to operating sustainably at the opening of the newly renovated Lagoon Attitude on the shores of the beautiful Anse la Raie lagoon in the north of Mauritius.

“You discover today Lagoon Attitude, our new eco-committed hotel, as hoteliers and a Mauritian group, and simply as citizen of Mauritius and the world, we need to take our responsibility and play our role”.

This was the opening line of the speech by Jean Michel Pitot, CEO Attitude Hotels at the opening function of the Lagoon Attitude Hotel. He went on to invite ‘guests, ‘Family Members, and our partners to join us in a collective movement and to commit for a tourism that leaves a positive footprint on Mauritius’.

“Dear friends’, he said ‘tonight is not just the opening of a new hotel…tonight we are celebrating the launch of a gigantic movement, a movement that will make Attitude operate differently in view to preserving our planet and of course our beautiful island”.

He went on to explain that the idea is not just to minimise the negative impacts of their actions, BUT to be ingenuous and invent new ways of doing things. At the beginning of 2019, they did a study to better understand their impact of the local economy. “Today we employ 1600 people and procure far more than 500m Rs locally… the study revealed that we in fact supported more than 3700 jobs in the country”.

He emphasized their willingness to protect Mauritian cultural and environmental heritage and that there is a need to provoke a behavioral and mindset change within each one of us.

‘‘Attitude is determined to make a sustainable difference, hence its decision to reinforce its commitment to sustainability and to adopt a more militant approach in order to bring iconic positive changes in the tourism sector whilst having an impact on our Mauritian environment and economy. Sustainability is the responsibility of every individual, every day and we believe that as a local Hotelier and Mauritian Group, or simply as a Mauritian we are bound to drive the changes towards making sustainability the “new norm”.

These sentiments were confirmed by Vincent Desvaux de Marigny, COO Hotels Attitude. “Tonight it is OUR call and we thus invite our guests, our family members and our partners to embark in our endeavor, to take the commitment to contribute to the sustainable development of tourism because we  are convinced  that the more people know why sustainability is important for the Tourism Sector, the greater the force behind this effort will become.  You are thus called to commit to the pledge that the Tourism Sector aims to create a positive footprint for Mauritius”.

Attitude HotelsTogether they said “this Pledge is our commitment, our Promise made to our guests, our Family Members, our partners, our fellow citizens and to Our Planet, that Attitude will contribute to the present and future well-being of the environment, economy and society. And we seek to be leading by example”.