Welcome to another edition of Responsible Traveller…. in this edition we celebrate SUMMER.

2016 has been a challenging time for many, but despite the hardships and heartache (for those who have lost loved ones) we consider our blessings and look back with gratitude. I am so very grateful for the opportunities I get to travel, so see wonderful places and meet fabulous people – and that I have a very special family that firstly, allows me to do this, and secondly welcome me home when I return!

So in this edition we explore some wonderful destinations – from the islands of Reunion and Seychelles to bush escapes at Thanda Safari . And no summer would be complete without some beach and ocean time, so we celebrate the new list of Blue Flag beaches in South Africa as well as the three Blue Flag vessels in Gansbaai – those of Marine Dynamics and Dyer Island Cruises. Still wondering what to do this holiday? Or planning for one later in the year? Then check out our Travel Tips section – here you’ll find a wealth
of great reasons why you just have to #loveDurban, thanks to nine local bloggers

As we pack our bags and head off for the holidays let’s each take a moment to think about our impact on the environment and the people we come into contact with – consider being a little kinder and live with a deeper sense of love and appreciation for those around us, not just our nearest and dearest, but those less fortunate than us too.

And as it says in the scriptures, ‘There is greater blessing in giving than in receiving’ so be abundantly blessed this Christmas season. Let’s celebrate the successes of 2016 and step into 2017 with joy and anticipation – let it
be your BEST year yet …

Enjoy the read… and be the difference.