Responsible Traveller magWelcome to another edition of Responsible Traveller – in this edition we celebrate Culture, Communities & Conservation…

We travel to Botswana’s Chobe Game Lodge to learn about some of their eco-initiatives and to experience some incredible game viewing and birding, with a highlight being watching elephants from an electric driven boat on the Chobe River. We also travel to Ponto Malongane in southern Mozambique to experience the tranquility of Tartaruga Maritima, where beach and rural village delight us all.

We find out about the great conservation initiatives of the African Penguin & Seabird Sanctuary and encourage you to be part of this valuable conservation project by participating on the annual March for Penguins. Clive Horlock shares his experiences of the wisdom of the Kalahari’s bushmen and we’re introduced to G Adventures hottest adventure destinations for 2019. Heaps of inspiration to have you booking a mid-year break or planning a special getaway. And keeping in mind that with summer comes time on the beach and the ocean, we take a long hard look at marine pollution – say NO to plastic, especially those straws in your fabulously fruity cocktails.

As we say farewell to 2018, let’s consider our blessings and look back with
gratitude.. Take a moment to think about our impact on the environment and the people we come into contact with – consider being a little kinder and live with a deeper sense of love and appreciation for those around us, not just our nearest and dearest, but those less fortunate too. And as it says in the scriptures, ‘There is greater blessing in giving than in receiving’ so be abundantly blessed this Christmas season!

Let’s celebrate the successes of 2018 with gratitude and step into 2019 with joy and anticipation – let it be your BEST year yet!

Enjoy the read… and be the difference.

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