Welcome to another DIGITAL edition of Responsible Traveller…

What an awesome continent Africa is!

Wonderful wildlife, wonderful places and wonderful people – this edition gets to
celebrate the winners of the very first AFRICAN RESPONSIBLE TOURISM AWARDS
held at WTM Africa recently. We get to visits a few of these spectacular places and
meet with a few of these amazing people – through the words of some of the
regions favourite bloggers. People who are committed to conservation, ensuring
that Africa’s wildlife will still be here for the next generation to appreciate and
enjoy. Those that operate travel businesses, large and small, ever mindful of their
impact on the environment. And those that take delight in sharing their culture
and environment with travellers who take the time to listen.

Travel is not just about ticking off a wish list of places to visit and things to see
and do. Responsible travel is about the experience, it’s about connecting with the
destination and the people without impacting negatively on the environment. It’s
about considering other peoples’ cultures to be as important as your own, learning
from, and about them. Each individual you meet on your travels has a story to
tell, about the projects they are involved in, the environment they live in and their

The traveller who takes the time to connect, ask questions and listen will take home
more than just beautiful but meaningless pictures, they will have seen Africa’s
wonderful wildlife understanding how important conservation is. They will have
walked up mountains, along beaches and in the bush, seen delicate wildflowers up
close, felt the sand under foot and breathed in the intoxicating smell of the African
bush. They would have had an enriching and memorable experience, for sure.

Enjoy the read… and be the difference.