Wild Child Africa, renowned specialists of fully catered, multi-day adventures, is thrilled to announce the successful completion of The PONDO Trail Run, which took place from May 25th to May 28th. This extraordinary one-day ULTRA and three-day COASTER trail running event unfolded along the awe-inspiring northern section of the Wild Coast, known as Pondoland. The event showcased not only an unforgettable trail running experience but also a commitment to raising funds for charitable causes.

The brainchild of Matt Botha, owner and founder of Wild Child Africa, The PONDO Trail Run aims to share the natural beauty of Pondoland’s coastline with like-minded individuals while actively contributing to its preservation. Botha expressed his deep connection to the area, stating, “Tim, my brother, and I were incredibly fortunate to spend much of our upbringing on Pondoland’s coastline, and it’s an absolute privilege not only to have the opportunity to share it with others but also to play a part in preserving its future.”

The 2022 edition of The PONDO Trail Run marked the launch of the “Pondo-People-Planet” initiative. Participants of the race rallied together, raising over R140,000 in support of this project. The funds were donated to The Pondoland Conservation Trust and the Cipla Foundation’s “Miles for Smiles” initiative, which provides funds for corrective surgery for children with cleft conditions.

Paul Miller, CEO of Cipla South Africa, emphasized the alignment between the event and their commitment to making a profound difference in people’s lives and local communities. Miller stated, “We don’t have a strategy, we have a cause. We don’t have a vision statement, we have vision. So, we’re excited to join forces to help ensure a future that’s focused on the well-being of people and our beautiful planet.”

Devil’s Peak, beloved local brewing company, has been a long-standing supporter of the PONDO trail events. Each day, they owned the finish line, generously providing participants with ice-cold beer to celebrate their remarkable achievements on the trail. Recognizing the untouched pristine coastline of Pondoland, Devil’s Peak expressed their love for this unique experience, stating, “This is a truly unique experience to soak in and be immersed in how beautiful our country is. We celebrate the passion and love that Wild Child Africa has for this part of our country through their efforts to conserve its untouched beauty as well as the thrill of allowing people to embark on this life-changing, unforgettable adventure.”

Sealand, South Africa’s trailblazing lifestyle brand, are the event’s newest partners.  Sealand is committed to bringing about positive change in the industry by ensuring every decision they make prioritizes the planet and its people. Their handmade products are crafted from waste materials or responsibly and ethically sourced materials. Sealand’s team expressed their excitement about the partnership, stating, “Conservation of our natural playgrounds lies at the heart of our brand’s mission, and finding a partner who not only understands but actively supports this vision is truly exhilarating. Together, we can achieve far more than we ever could alone.”

The PONDO Trail Run, in collaboration with Cipla, Devil’s Peak, and Sealand, has successfully created an unforgettable experience and look forward to sharing the results of this year’s fund raising events.

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