Goal50 Edu Hub is the most extraordinary Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD), a beacon of hope, inspiration and innovation, not just for South Africa but actually for the world. People need good news stories with all of the doom and gloom in SA and around the world, these pre-schools built from genuinely sustainable materials is a huge GOOD NEWS STORY.

On Saturday 3 September 2022 Ulwazi Educare in Delft was officially opened. With funding from Uthando SA (through the tourism industy), the Natural Building Collective team constructed the most extraordinary and remarkable Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD) in the country. Built from 1700 tyres, 6000 plastic bottles filled with rubbish and 1600 decompressed film set waste bricks, the ECD is extremely impressive. Ikamva Labantu provide the curriculum and teacher training at Ulwazi Educare ensuring quality education is delivered to the children.

The next ECD to be built by Natural Building Collective is Goal50 Edu Hub, to be constructed with approx. 5000 tyres, 6000 plastic bottles filled with rubbish and 12 000 polyurathene film set waste bricks. This ECD will offer foundational education based on the Montessori principles and offer Jubilee Excellence Schools training in conjunction with Shiloh Education www.shiloh.org.za . Plans for the building have been submitted by the architect to the City of Cape Town.

This project offers some truly unique opportunities:

  • The construction of Goal50 Edu Hub will create up to 100 jobs for locals who will be trained using sustainable building methods and construction should take about 1 year
  • Children at 5 schools in Heideveld and from all over Cape Town will create the eco bricks by collecting plastic bottles and rubbish. The “Big Ideas” Group of high school boys from Bishops College are already making the eco bricks, and we are planning to take the boys to visit Ulwazi in Delft and the site of Goal50. This project will really capture the imagination of young people in Cape Town and inspire them to really focus on the challenges of litter and recycling. It will also bring young people together across different communities with vision and common purpose.
  • Goal50 Edu Hub is highly visible from the N2 Highway driving past Heideveld, every single person driving into Cape Town will see this building being constructed from tyres, plastic bottles and film set waste. The ECD will certainly stand as a shining example of what can be achieved to address the challenges around climate change, litter and recycling.
  • The pre-school will also bring attention to the critical issues around early childhood development, education and combatting gangsterism by providing children with opportunity, nurturing and education.


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