Longing for a break from reality? Does it feel as though you haven’t had a proper escape from your constant routine of everyday life? Have you been feeling restless after months of hard work? Then it’s time for you to indulge in a luxurious nature escape that will captivate your inner wild-child, at a location known for its biodiversity, topography, geology and climate – the Klein Karoo.

Unlike your typical holiday destinations, the Klein Karoo boasts a number of enticing elements that will not only heal your tired, restless soul but also reignite that passionate inner child within yourself.

Whether you’re a typical ‘bush over beach’ kind of vacationer, heading on a nature-filled splendour is always filled with excitement and baited-breath as to what you might see and experience. A wilderness retreat is a holiday option that ignites the soul and invigorates the mind and is slowly becoming one of the more popular retreat options to date.

Whether it’s the sunrises, the smells, or the animal sightings that get your heart-rate rising, when it comes to the joys of the bush, there’s a big difference between that of a Kruger getaway to that of a Karoo adventure – some of which are unknown to most.

The Karoo is partly defined by its topography, geology and climate, and above all, its low rainfall, arid air, cloudless skies, and extremes of heat and cold. The Karoo also hosts a well-preserved ecosystem formed hundreds of million years ago which is now represented by many fossils present in the area.

The Klein Karoo is very rich in plant species. Almost 3200 have been recorded of which more than 400 are endemic. One of the highlights of this region is that of the Sanbona Reserve which exists within various flora kingdoms, namely; Acacia Thickets, Nama Karoo, Renosterveld, Succulent Karoo, and Central Mountain Fynbos.

Described as a Karoo Wilderness Retreat, the White Lion Lodge is like no other and we’re here to divulge why! Found along the famous Route 62, this privately-owned lodge offers a unique nature and wildlife experience that will excite the adventurous and satisfy the curious.

Situated 3 hours out of Cape Town, the White Lion Lodge is based in the southern part of the Sanbona Wildlife Reserve which is known for its rich history, complex biodiversity and unique climates. Offering luxury accommodation, exceptional personal service and delicious cuisine combined with guided nature game-drives through a 30 000ha concession of the reserve, this lodge appeals to anyone with a love of travel, an interest in wildlife and a passion for learning more about their local surroundings.

The White Lion Lodge offers four individual stilted, unique glass and thatch suites which will turn any non-bush lover into an immediate bush-enthusiast. Each suite boasts a spacious bedroom, dressing room, full bathroom and its own outdoor shower which is a definite must-try for any luxurious vacationer. Furthermore, each suite is equipped with a fireplace, satellite television, under floor heating, air-conditioning, mini-bar fridge, and tea and coffee making facilities that tick off every must-have item for a luxurious holiday stay.

Panoramic views over the riverbed can be enjoyed from your private wooden veranda, offering a picturesque view from the mountaintops. The bathroom offers twin hand basins, a spacious bath, separate rain dance shower, toilet and bidet which are cleverly decorated with hand painted fabrics and custom made furniture, which blend in with nature and the environment.

The natural crafted network of wooded kloofs, valleys and river channels that dissect much of the Karoo provides habitat for specialist woodland browsers that are found on the reserve; and in addition makes for exquisite panoramic views from your private suite.

Animals, which used to roam freely in former times, are being reintroduced to reserve. One can indulge in the pleasure of witnessing Lion, Buffalo, Elephant, as well as other species such as Gemsbok, Springbok, Hartebeest, Eland, Kudu, Cape Mountain Zebra and Giraffe. A variety of these species have adapted to the diversity of habitat types found in the Karoo.

Ideal for couples, families or even a private event, the White Lion Lodge is a travellers dream.

An innate understanding of the Karoo bush and a deep love for Africa: these two elements define White Lion Lodge’s story and they’re waiting to welcome you. Adventure. Ambiance. Animals. Atmosphere. And attention to detail. Good for the soul and good for your overall wellness.