About us – Responsible Traveller  is a digital  travel publication showcasing authentic, experiential travel as well as destinations and travel businesses with an ethos of responsible tourism… in southern Africa, Africa & beyond.  This publication aims to inform, educate, entertain as well as inspire its readers to make informed decisions, manage their impact on the environment, to ‘travel like a local’ and to ‘be the difference’ being a responsible traveller.

Responsible Traveller

Responsible Traveller is a great resource for travellers looking for authentic experiences and ‘responsible’ tourism products and services.

It is also an ideal platform for tourism suppliers to profile their environmental and community initiatives, their authentic travel experiences and the positive impact they are having on both local people, the economy and the environment –  through experiential stories written by travellers as well as by advertising on this website (email us for rate sheet and more information).

This niche publication strives to equip readers – and inspire tourism businesses – to make informed decisions on where to travel, what to do and how to be a responsible traveller.

Tessa Buhrmann, the publisher and editor of Responsible Traveller, founded this magazine as a print and digital edition in 2008. Following the global trend to reduce paper usage, Tessa decided to go ‘digital only’ in December 2013, with the benefits in reach and longevity way outdoing the traditionally perceived benefits of print.  

The journey into publishing was born out of a passion for travel and a love for conservation, communities and the environment – and the need for a means to tell the incredible success stories that seldom find their way into the media. As a result Tessa has persisted through the ups and downs of publishing to always deliver an outstanding product for what she often refers to as her ‘love project’. 

‘I always find it such a privilege to be invited to visit an establishment – whether it be hotel, game lodge or B&B – to be invited into the back of house, where the less pretty stuff happens, to be able to talk to team members, hear their point of view and include their stories. I am sometimes astounded at the trust given, trust that I will tell the story right and that I will always deliver, which is always after the privilege of the experience – this trust is something I do not take lightly’ – Tessa Buhrmann

There are so many places to visit, so many people to talk to and SO many stories to tell…

Tessa Buhrmann

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