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WINTER 2013 COVER AND CONTENTSWelcome to the WINTER 2013 edition of Responsible Traveller…

What an awesome continent Africa is!

I love Africa and the fact that I can call myself an African even though I am of European descent. My Dad, who was born in Holland and held a Dutch passport, met and married my Mom and subsequently after having lived here for a number of years gave up his Dutch citizenship in preference for a South African one. He always said ‘Africa is the easiest place to come to, but the hardest place to leave’. And that, wonderful visitors to this country, is why you just HAVE to come back, time and time again!! It’s not just the incredible wildlife, awe-inspiring landscapes, exhilarating adventures and mouth-watering cuisine – be it street food or haute-cuisine, it’s also the wonderful people you meet along the way.

Once again I have had the privilege of compiling a selection of things to see and do in Africa. Some I have visited, others not, but one thing I have realised, from a responsible tourism point of view, is that not all establishments and activities will tick all the boxes – disappointing I know, but all the more reason as the ‘traveller’ to take care, and be mindful of the impact that you’re having on a destination and her people.

We also look at the issue of rhino poaching, which is a scourge that is having a horrendous impact on many of Africa’s wildlife areas, but instead of looking at the negative (of which we don’t need to be reminded), we celebrate some of the success stories that conservationists are achieving.

Be the kind of traveller who takes the time to connect with all aspects of the destination – you’ll be amazed at how much more meaningful your visit will be, so much so that you will be planning your return visit before you’ve even left. As I said, easy to visit but SO very hard to leave!

Enjoy the read… and be the difference.



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