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SUMMER 2012 COVER AND CONTENTSWelcome to the combined Imvelo Awards and SUMMER 2012 / 2013 edition of Responsible Traveller…

Wow, it’s Imvelo Awards time once more –  and yet again we get the opportunity to celebrate the region’s best!

Congratulations to the winners, finalists and entrants – this year we saw a record number of category entries, a whopping 234 of them, of which 38 made it into the finals. They all deserve a huge round of applause for their commitment to making a difference! So let’s support them whole-heartedly.

A current trend in tourism shows that travellers are becoming more aware of how responsible their preferred destinations are with regard to how their operations impact on both local communities and the environment. This is because responsible travel is widely seen as a way of contributing to economic development and community empowerment of those who rely on the tourism industry for their livelihood. By interacting with communities at their destinations travellers are able to experience responsible tourism ‘in action’. So it seems fitting that this edition celebrates all the ‘best practice’ that the Imvelo Awards stands for.

As we step into the holiday season, let us make our destination choices count. Be a proactive consumer, choose certified establishments where possible, and if not, ask the right questions – you might strike a cord with someone and encourage a change for the better. Let us also be mindful of those less fortunate than we are, especially when we are in that ‘holiday mode’… let the words ‘consider one another’ become the words to live by this Christmas season.

Take care, travel safe and let’s step into 2013 with joy and anticipation – let it be a year that exceeds all expectations.


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