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hereWind energy at the Two Oceans Aquarium

Filed in Environment, Tourism Industry News by on July 19, 2013
Wind energy at the Two Oceans Aquarium

Thanks to local NGO Project 90 by 2030 the Two Oceans Aquarium is one of six renewable energy demonstration sites in South Africa. With funding from the German government the Aquarium installed solar panels and a wind turbine and this renewable energy is feeding power to the admin offices on the east side of the […]

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hereLocal is ‘lekker’ at the Sandton Sun

Filed in Environment, Food & Wine by on May 26, 2011
Local is ‘lekker’ at the Sandton Sun

‘Green’ practices have become de rigueur in the travel and tourism industry and the Sandton Sun is wholeheartedly embracing this policy. As a member of the Heritage Environmental Rating Programme, the hotel has adjusted its spending patterns in terms of partnering with preferred suppliers and products which are more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Coffee Coffee […]

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hereSustainability, Sandton Sun style

Sustainability, Sandton Sun style

In the past they were hunter-gatherers, living off the land yet posing no threat to wildlife and vegetation… the San people lived, and some still do today, in harmony with nature, living largely off game, honey and the roots and fruits of plants. Their semi-nomadic existence governed by the seasons and the movement of game. […]

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hereZambia… a paradise found

Filed in Africa, Destination Africa, Zambia by on April 21, 2010
Zambia… a paradise found

When Dr. David Livingstone first set sight on the magnificent falls, and when he penned the famous words ‘…scenes so lovely must have been gazed upon by angels in their flight’ little did he realise the rich legacy he would leave in the charming town of Livingstone. When Sun International Zambia had the vision to […]

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