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hereThe most secret locations in Vietnam

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The most secret locations in Vietnam

You might be visiting Vietnam to see the most popular destinations and busiest tourist attractions. There’s no shortage of them, after all – from the otherworldly beauty of Ha Long Bay, Sapa, and the Tonkinese Alps, to the urban charms of busy cities like Hanoi, there’s enough to keep anyone occupied. Or, you might prefer […]

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herePhilippines ATF 2016 pre- and post-show tours

Filed in News, Travel Trade shows & exhibitions by on February 11, 2016
Philippines ATF 2016 pre- and post-show tours

Philippines – Besides the opportunity of exploring Manila during the pre-show tours, a number of international buyers and media had the opportunity of booking one of the Philippine Host Committee’s 10 post-ATF 2016 tours that ran from 23 to 26 January.   This marked ATF’s most extensive number of post-show tours in recent years. With a […]

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hereAn introduction to Intramuros, Manila

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An introduction to Intramuros, Manila

Manila, capital city of the Philippines, is a dense mix of urban development and historic settlement. Delegates of AFT 2016 were offered the opportunity to experience part of the city on a pre-show tour. The tour took us into Intramuros, one of the best models of a medieval fort outside Europe. We were entertained by […]

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