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hereBrahman Hills and the KZN Midlands

Brahman Hills and the KZN Midlands

Just getting there is part of the relaxation… coffee stops, sightseeing and quaint country lanes. The rolling hills of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands certainly set the scene for what was to be a wonderfully relaxing weekend at Brahman Hills filled with fabulous food, fun company, roaring log fires and bubbly in the jacuzzi. And oops, I […]

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hereRoad trip… #GreatCapeEscape, part 2

Filed in Eastern Cape, South Africa, Travel, Western Cape by on November 30, 2016
Road trip… #GreatCapeEscape, part 2

Leaving the vineyards and orchards of the Elgin Valley we continue our road trip up the coast towards pretty town of Gansbaai – home to shark cage diving, seasonal whale watching and sublime sunsets over the bay.  There was to be no shark cage diving or whale watching this time around, but I did have […]

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hereRoad trip… #GreatCapeEscape part 1

Filed in Eastern Cape, South Africa, Travel, Western Cape by on October 3, 2016
Road trip… #GreatCapeEscape part 1

The thing with a road trip is that there are always surprises… these sometimes include a curve ball or two but there are always some incredibly memorable moments! This is a brief account of what we called our #GreatCapeEscape which saw us traverse the mighty Drakensberg Mountains from KwaZulu-Natal and the Freestate into the Eastern and Western Cape. What became evident on our journey was the incredible beauty […]

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hereThe people of Prana

The people of Prana

A province rich in diversity, the Eastern Cape is a captivating part of South Africa that is not only renowned for its scenic beauty but also for its culture and history, especially because it is celebrated as Nelson Mandela’s birthplace. Following in the footsteps of kindness that Madiba left, Prana Lodge Private Beach Estate and Spa owners, Tim and Gail Davidson, place a strong emphasis on community upliftment and the restoration […]

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hereThe Great White House… eat, stay, shop, experience!

The Great White House… eat, stay, shop, experience!

It can be amazing how many people don’t look up when they walk into the Great White House. So when they do, you can see the surprise on their face as they look upon Suzie, a 14m 1,5 ton Southern right whale skeleton hanging above them. There are not many restaurants or certainly none the Great […]

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hereWhere to stay… luxury ‘green’ hotels in Dubai

Where to stay… luxury ‘green’ hotels in Dubai

An obvious way of ensuring your holiday leaves a small footprint is to choose your accommodation carefully, with the environment in mind. Fortunately a number of establishments in Dubai have an in-house environmental management system or have chosen an environmental certification system such as Green Globe or ISO – options that require close monitoring, measurement […]

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hereVerde Hotels – Africa’s first sustainable hotel management group

Verde Hotels – Africa’s first sustainable hotel management group

Nobody can deny that climate change will affect the hospitality market place – with global warming, resource volatility, extreme weather events, water scarcity and biodiversity loss part of our new vocabulary, it is essential we take cognisance of this and bring about rapid interventions. Challenged, but seeing climate change as a significant opportunity, Verde Hotels […]

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hereAlong the Riverside…

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Along the Riverside…

A walk through the lush landscaped gardens, across verdant green lawns and into the dappled shade of poplar and weeping willow trees, takes you to the lapping waters on the river’s edge. The Riverside Sun Resort is situated on the banks of the Vaal River, just a few kilometres from Vanderbijlpark and an easy 40 […]

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hereOribi Gorge… changing views

Oribi Gorge… changing views

We woke to glorious sunshine, the sun’s early morning rays reflecting ochre on the sandstone cliffs of the spectacular Oribi Gorge. Quite a change to the dramatic display of sound and light of the night before as we dined to the sound of background music interspersed with that of thunder. These are just some of […]

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hereSustainability, Sandton Sun style

Sustainability, Sandton Sun style

In the past they were hunter-gatherers, living off the land yet posing no threat to wildlife and vegetation… the San people lived, and some still do today, in harmony with nature, living largely off game, honey and the roots and fruits of plants. Their semi-nomadic existence governed by the seasons and the movement of game. […]

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