Banyan Tree Ilha Caldeira in Mozambique Safeguards marine conservation and biodiversity on this five-star ultra-luxury private island. And doing everything it can to conserve and protect the fragile eco-systems of Mozambique’s beautiful Primeiras and Segundas archipelago is a prime objective for the brand-new Banyan Tree Ilha Caldeira.

Banyan Tree Ilha Caldeira

Still in development and scheduled for opening towards the end of 2022, this solar powered luxury island is the latest project of the global Banyan Tree brand is only its second in Africa and when completed will see the Southern African nation’s first globally branded five-star ultra-luxury private island destination.

The Banyan Tree Group renowned for its sustainability ethics and conservation is very much part of its DNA. “The group has implemented an extremely comprehensive conservation programme worldwide which we have already begun to roll out in the archipelago,” says Banyan Tree Ilha Caldeira General Manager Eduardo Johnston da Silva. “This entire archipelago is a marine reserve and we are going to be focusing particularly on helping to protect its integrity,” he adds.

A full-time conservationist will head up the environmental programme that will also be studying the terrestrial biomes and the fauna and flora that call them home.

Ilha Caldeira and its immediate island neighbor, Banyan Tree Veya Ilha Nejovo, are home to a range of protected species such as the endangered green and leatherback turtles, which nest on the islands’ beaches during the breeding season which runs from February to November each year.

Add to this a range of bird species such as the greater crested tern, sooty tern, olive bee-eater, warblers, long-billed crombec and brown noddy, crustaceans including thin-shelled rock crabs, ghost and hermit crabs and a range of lizards/geckos and you have a thriving island environment.

With coral reefs around both islands, the waters are rich in marine biodiversity. “The crystal-clear turquoise waters of the archipelago are home to the majority of our mammal species,” explains Eduardo. “From humpback whales and dolphins to seals and even dugongs. . Add to this the extensive list of fish and other sea creatures such as giant groupers, different species of rays that inhabit the archipelago’s pristine reef and unbleached coral system, and you have a veritable marine Eden,” he adds.

Diving at Banyan Tree Ilha Caldeira

The best months to see whales and dolphins are between July and November, with sightings at their peak in August and September.

“Reef mapping will be concluded during our pre-opening period thereby allowing us to offer perfect underwater visibility for diving and snorkeling regardless of the time of year,” continues Eduardo.

When it opens Banyan Tree Ilha Caldeira will be home to a magnificent marine conservation centre with scuba pool and a qualified team to take guests on underwater adventures at a selection of dive and snorkel sites throughout the archipelago (and yet even to be explored).

“Information on the continental shelf along the Mozambique coast is very scarce, as it has never been a focus of analysis, up until now,” explains Eduardo. “Part of the study we are undertaking will give us valuable information on the range of depth and other factors that will help us to offer exceptional diving, snorkeling and other ocean-based activities,” he concludes.