February / March 2015

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Welcome to another DIGITAL edition of Responsible Traveller…

This edition is about celebrating culture and conservation!

Tourism is important for any destination and done right can play an important role in providing income to small business and local communities. It can be a force for good, helping to provide employment and alleviating poverty. But it can also be used to enrich just a few… It is up to the consumer to decide, to choose travel that makes a difference, and choosing to support local travel businesses – from accommodation and eating out, to fun activities and shopping. Africa is home to the Big 5, to wild adventures, to cultural tourism and conservation. We revisit Fair Trade certified Mashovhela Lodge in South Africa’s Limpopo Province, home to fabulous Venda art and culture, and  Matemwe Lodge in exotic Zanzibar, a tourism enterprise that has chosen to make a difference in the local community.   

I had the pleasure of spending some time in Dubai… and yes, there is excess – but scratch the surface a little and you will find a destination with soul, where traditional Emirati culture and traditions can be experienced first-hand. Where, despite the glitz and glamour, you can find hotels and resorts that are committed to environmental best practice. 

And as I have said on numerous occasions, the responsibility of being a responsible traveller lies ultimately with the person travelling and the choices they make. It’s about choosing to not waste water, to switch off when you leave the room, to stay, shop, experience and eat local… thereby providing employment and contributing to the local economy. By choosing to have conversations with locals and experiencing the ‘real’ destination, you add value and return home with irreplaceable memories.

Enjoy the read… and be the difference.



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