The most secret locations in Vietnam

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You might be visiting Vietnam to see the most popular destinations and busiest tourist attractions. There’s no shortage of them, after all – from the otherworldly beauty of Ha Long Bay, Sapa, and the Tonkinese Alps, to the urban charms of busy cities like Hanoi, there’s enough to keep anyone occupied.

Photo by Hưng Nguyễn Việt on Unsplash

Or, you might prefer Vietnam’s most secret locations. You might be looking to escape the crowds, and experience a holiday that’s a world away from the usual tourist itinerary.

These secret locations are often some of the most beautiful, and the paths to them are less trodden, so you’ll have the time and space to really take them in:

  1. The Côn Đảo Islands

You’ll have to book a flight to the Côn Đảo Islands. Lying off the coast of Vietnam and not so easily accessible, this archipelago is a hidden gem that many won’t think to visit.

It takes an hour to fly to the island from Ho Chi Minh City, and you’ll be rewarded with lush greenery, hidden coves and traditional waterside villages. The perfect antidote to rushed urban life.

  1. Po Sah Inu Towers

Po Sah Inu Towers – photo by Dongson*vmvn at Vietnamese Wikipedia

These red rock towers are the ruins of buildings once constructed by Vietnam’s ancient Cham civilisation.

The towers were built more than 1,200 years ago, and very little of the original buildings have been left standing. These towers, built as places of worship, are now wonderful tourist attractions without the large tourist crowds.

  1. Phong Nha- Ke Bang National Park

Phong Nha- Ke Bang National Park is often described as a ‘paradise’. It’s so vast and varied that you’ll almost always find somewhere to be completely alone.

Underground rivers and echoing caves are waiting to be explored, in this tranquil unspoiled jungle.

Underground river in Phong Nha cave – photo by Tycho on Wikimedia

Photo by Katherine Moran on Unsplash

This is a place for lovers of wonderful landscapes and wildlife. It’s home to Asian black bears, macaques and a whole host of other animals. There are dramatic waterfalls to marvel at, and everything can be explored on foot, along many hiking trails.

Perhaps one of the best things about Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is that it’s even warm here in January, when many people wouldn’t think of booking a trip to Vietnam.

  1. Suối Tiên Theme Park

You would think that a theme park in Vietnam would be a top visitor attraction. But, Suối Tiên is surprisingly quiet.

Suối Tiên Them Park – photo source – Vietnamese Wikipedia

This theme park is a water park with rides, all based on Vietnamese legend, history and religion. It has a seawater pool, a roller coaster, beautiful gardens and many water rides, all without the crowds that you might expect to see at a water park.

  1. Buon Ma Thuot

Known as Vietnam’s coffee capital, Buon Ma Thuot is home to many sprawling coffee fields where you can see the locals at work. If you love coffee, this is the place to visit for the freshest and finest drinks.

Expect to see free-roaming elephants in this part of Vietnam. There’s also a large lake that is popular with water sports enthusiasts, though this is the area that most tourists will spend their time. By moving away from the lake, you’ll see parts of Buon Ma Thuot that are typically a lot quieter.

Asian elephants in the wild – photo by Akshay Sant on Unsplash

Exploring Vietnam, with plenty of opportunity to get off the beaten track, is the best way to see this spectacular country in all of its natural (and man-made) beauty. On your visit, don’t hesitate to spend a few days breaking free from the tourist crowds. One of the great things about Vietnam is how cheap it is – you’ll be able to stay longer than you might be able to in other destinations, so you’ll be able to cram more into your itinerary.

With this in mind, which one of the hidden gems above will you include? It’s a difficult choice to choose between them, and you may not want to squeeze them all in, but even spending a day or two in one of these secret locations will make a real difference to your trip. It’ll give you time to relax and take a breath before you dive back into Vietnam’s busier sights.

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