hereZululand Coast – history, culture & conservation

Zululand Coast – history, culture & conservation

An easy road-trip from Durban found us heading towards the Zululand Coast. An area where the golden shores are gently caressed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, offering idyllic beaches and crystal clear waters. Where further inland, are endless rolling hills, meandering valleys, and grassy plains teaming with wildlife. Forest sanctuaries and misty […]

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hereAmakhosi Safari Lodge – Sipho’s story

Amakhosi Safari Lodge – Sipho’s story

We’re on an open game viewing vehicle on our last day at Amakhosi Safari Lodge listening to game ranger Sipho Ntombela tell yet another wonderful story. “My grandfather was Magqubu Ntombela” he says… this alone speaks volumes, especially if you’re familiar with KwaZulu-Natal conservation history. Not only was Magqubu Ntombela ‘beloved friend, mentor and wilderness […]

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hereIsandlwana… a story of heartache and hope

Isandlwana… a story of heartache and hope

It was a chilly evening as the day gave way to night. The blanket helped, as did a glass of sherry… but the enormity of that fateful day in 1879 sent shivers down my spine. Especially as we were standing atop the iNyoni hill, the very spot where tens of thousands of Zulu warriors had […]

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hereEscape to Brahman Hills

Escape to Brahman Hills

The second thing I noticed was the sign ‘Recycling Garden’, the walls of rusted corrugated iron and weathered farm implements – the first was the almost life-size Brahman herd ‘grazing’ at the entrance gate. ‘So cool’, I thought to myself… followed by ‘can’t wait to explore’. This set the scene for what was to be […]

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hereInto the Rabbit Hole… at Karkloof Canopy Tour

Into the Rabbit Hole… at Karkloof Canopy Tour

How often do you get the opportunity to zip at breakneck speeds through a beautiful forest? And to make it even more enticing, this forest just happens to be one of the larger mistbelt forests in South Africa, boasting a huge number of endemic species of fauna and flora! This magnificent forest is located within […]

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hereMemorable Encounters at Amakhosi Safari Lodge

Memorable Encounters at Amakhosi Safari Lodge

The evidence was there. Huge impressions left in the dusty road, paths through the lush grass, green and succulent after the recent unseasonal rains. They were moving in an easterly direction. There were broken branches and tufts of grass strewn across the road. It had been dull and cloudy all day, but as dusk approached […]

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hereThings to do in KwaZulu-Natal

Things to do in KwaZulu-Natal

KwaZulu-Natal is all about cultural diversity and multi-cultural traditions, sophistication and style, an enticing destination that invites exploration – an alluring and fascinating place, with spectacular mountain peaks, expansive golden beaches, exciting wildlife experiences, legendary Zulu kings and reminders of its Colonial past. Durban, gateway to the province, is a sophisticated cosmopolitan city, a fusion of East, West and African culture, […]

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hereBlack Rhino… the hunted…

Black Rhino… the hunted…

Safety briefing dealt with and under strict instruction of silence, we headed into the Acacia thicket. My heart was pounding and I felt myself breaking into a sweat which, I’m ashamed to say, could not entirely be attributed to the oppressive heat of the day or the physical exertion. I was quite sure the thumping […]

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hereOyster Box – Durban’s finest

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Oyster Box – Durban’s finest

Curry was introduced to the colony of Natal over 150 years ago by indentured sugarcane labourers, who brought with them the aromatic foods of India. In fact, the word curry stems from the Tamil word ‘kari’ which means ‘sauce’. The unique flavours of Indian cooking, which were embraced by British settlers and the Zulus, have […]

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here101 things to see on safari at &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve

Filed in KwaZulu-Natal, Wildlife & Safari by on July 18, 2013
101 things to see on safari at &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve

When tasked with finding somewhere that was likely to fulfill the brief for our ‘101 things to see on safari in KZN’, &Beyond Phinda Private Game Reserve came to mind immediately. With an incredible diversity in habitats and its commitment to conservation, community and the environment it seemed the obvious choice – and they exceeded […]

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