hereVoluntourism – the issues…

Voluntourism – the issues…

The tourism industry, both locally and internationally, received the news of Paul Mediema’s unexpected passing with much sadness – this passionate man who stood for so much gone too soon. Written below are his thoughts and words… as an industry let us continue to ‘do’ tourism, and voluntourism specifically, in a manner that he would […]

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hereInternational Marine Volunteers

International Marine Volunteers

“At International Marine Volunteers our mission is to inspire our volunteers to make a difference in the world around them by providing them with life-changing opportunities and experiences, and creating awareness that eco-tourism, conservation, community, research and education can all dovetail into a sustainable and mutually beneficial relationship.” – Meredith Thornton, IMV Manager The legendary […]

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hereWinchester Mansions Energy savings in Cape Town

Winchester Mansions Energy savings  in Cape Town

Another Cape Town hotel that’s moving towards being sustainable is the Cape Dutch styled WINCHESTER MANSIONS. This iconic sea front hotel is not a new build, so the challenges of embracing the new technologies of sustainability were always going to be a challenge. The recent addition of a solar PV system on the hotel roof has already seen a reduction in carbon […]

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hereConstance Ephelia Resort, Seychelles – we chat about Sustainability

Constance Ephelia Resort, Seychelles – we chat about Sustainability

Constance Ephelia – Having rained overnight, the paths were wet and water droplets glistened on the vegetation – the birdsong a delightful chorus in the early morning. Mist draped the surrounding mountains of the Morne Seychelles National Park, the sea reflecting the grey of the clouds hanging low on the horizon. None of this detracted […]

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hereFair Trade Tourism and Seychelles join hands

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Fair Trade Tourism and Seychelles join hands

Fair Trade Tourism’s move into Africa has been given a boost with the signing of a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) between the organisation and the Seychelles Ministry of Tourism and Culture’s Seychelles Sustainable Tourism Label (SSTL). This enables six of the Indian Ocean island nation’s leading hotels to be incorporated into Fair Trade Holidays, signifying […]

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hereThe people of Prana

The people of Prana

A province rich in diversity, the Eastern Cape is a captivating part of South Africa that is not only renowned for its scenic beauty but also for its culture and history, especially because it is celebrated as Nelson Mandela’s birthplace. Following in the footsteps of kindness that Madiba left, Prana Lodge Private Beach Estate and Spa owners, Tim and Gail Davidson, place a strong emphasis on community upliftment and the restoration […]

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hereWhere to stay… luxury ‘green’ hotels in Dubai

Where to stay… luxury ‘green’ hotels in Dubai

An obvious way of ensuring your holiday leaves a small footprint is to choose your accommodation carefully, with the environment in mind. Fortunately a number of establishments in Dubai have an in-house environmental management system or have chosen an environmental certification system such as Green Globe or ISO – options that require close monitoring, measurement […]

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hereVerde Hotels – Africa’s first sustainable hotel management group

Verde Hotels – Africa’s first sustainable hotel management group

Nobody can deny that climate change will affect the hospitality market place – with global warming, resource volatility, extreme weather events, water scarcity and biodiversity loss part of our new vocabulary, it is essential we take cognisance of this and bring about rapid interventions. Challenged, but seeing climate change as a significant opportunity, Verde Hotels […]

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hereTable Mountain Aerial Cableway Company committed to environmental and social responsibility

Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company committed to environmental and social responsibility

  As a responsible tourism destination, the Table Mountain Cableway focuses on the three pillars of responsible tourism – environmental, social and economic responsibility.  Environmental Responsibility: In order to protect the unique environment within which it operates, the Cableway adheres to the following environmental policy 1. As custodians of a high-use area of Table Mountain, they […]

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hereLuxury Travel…

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Luxury Travel…

To many, luxury travel and responsible travel are on opposite ends of the travel spectrum… Responsible Traveller posed some questions to four of the top luxury safari operators in Southern Africa to get their response. Can Luxury Travel be considered responsible travel?  Great Plains Conservation: Definitely… in fact luxury travel is possibly the only way […]

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