Responsible Traveller gets to visit and experience some really amazing places and not all the detail finds its way into the ‘glossy’ pages of the digital mags, so to give our readers the in-depth and added aspects of destinations we have added a travel blog. Enjoy the personal, fun and sometimes frivolous things we get up to in the fab places we visit : )

Being a responsible traveller is important to us. It is more than just words and intentions and starts with the planning and selection of your destination, accommodation and travel arrangements… 

Things to consider are whether the establishment you are considering has an environmental policy and is committed to implementing these initiatives. Are they committed to community development through employing from local communities and economic empowerment by committing to local procurement?

A sure way of taking the headache out of your decision is to select an establishment that has been independently certified as a responsible tourism product or service. The advantage is knowing that each certified property commits to being audited on a regular basis, thereby ensuring that their commitment to reducing and managing their impacts and sharing the benefits of tourism with the broader community is ‘for real’ and not just for the purposes of green-washing!

That being said, not all establishments can afford independent certification and not all destinations offer certified establishments & experiences. As a traveller your choices can make a difference… choose local, shop local, support community initiatives… make sure your tourism spend make a difference!

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